Who are we?

Patrick Bulger – Host and Creator of The Packfiller, Announcer

Patrick has been a professional event announcer for over 20 years. He started the podcast in 1999 under the SpokeRadio banner, and has interviewed many of the greatest names and influences in the sport. He is a former Cat 2 road, track, and mountain cyclist, and isn’t very good at cyclocross.


Mark Hodgson – Announcer

Lawyer, triathlete, cyclist, king of The Rant.






Karsten Hagen – Producer for The Packfiller
Karsten is the one flashing up the gang symbols mid race. Lives in Bend, Oregon. Eats too much. Probably drinks too much. Definitely has too many bikes. Watches fight scenes on YouTube to relieve stress. Doesn’t ride enough.







“Your announcing is like the icing on the cake for our event.”

Packfiller Productions has been a live event announcing and multimedia entertainment organization since 1999. The company aims to bring the highest live event entertainment and quality announcing services, along with laughs, information, and news from the outdoor lifestyle. Our services provide a true spirit of fun, professionalism, and encouragement to all competitors. Promoters of events we announce constantly comment on the ‘spirit of fun’ that our announcing provides, and brings back participants year after year.

Packfiller Productions is also the home of The Packfiller Podcast, a cycling and outdoor lifestyle based podcast that features commentary and interviews from many of the top influences and personalities in cycling, triathlon, and other outdoor sports.

Look for our regular blog entries from life in the pack, podcasts with great names and entertainment from the sports you love, and information regarding Packfiller announced events.

Feel free to contact us through email or telephone at 509.435.1304 for your event needs. Or, simply post your event inquiry in the comment box below.