Tour of Sufferlandria, 2015, Audio Race Bible, Stage 7

If you’ve made it this far, I’d love to say relax. But I can’t. It is time to get tough, with Dame Stephanie Stevens and The Rookie.

Tour of Sufferlandria, Audio Race Bible, Stage 3 (I KNOW IT’S OUT OF ORDER!)

Stage three is not to be talked about (you’ll get it, I promise). Ok, maybe it is. On top of that, it is time for the inaugural episode of “Q&A With Sir Pat” only here on a very special Packfiller Podcast.

Tour of Sufferlandria, Audio Race Bible, Stage 6

Our pre race coverage continues, with Stage 6, Local Hero, and Sir Andrew Keith giving us a great tale of knighthood, and the advice to become a Local Hero.

Tour of Sufferlandria Audio Race Bible, Stage 5

The race preview continues with Stage 5, Angels, and Sir Buzz Vickery to help us get into the mindset of the mountains.

2015 Tour of Sufferlandria Audio Race Bible, Stage 4

9 Hammers. Just the mention of the title scares the crap out of me.

To get us all through this stage, Knight of Sufferlandria, Sir Jared McLintock is in to talk up the video, and what it is like to be one of the servants to GVA.

2015 Tour of Sufferlandria Audio Race Bible, Stage 2

Continuing with coverage of the 2015 ToS, Sir David Triska is on to get us through Blender, and how to add suffering to your already full plate of pain.

Tour of Sufferlandria Podcast, Intro and Stage 1 with David McQuillen

Here we go! The 2015 ToS is upon us, and who better to kick things off than Sir David McQuillen, creator of The Sufferfest. Get a Tour preview, insight into the stages, and some great advice on how to get through the toughest tour of a ficticious contry ever presented!

End of the Year, Getting Fat, and Getting Pissed.

Pat and Mark(!) in studio rounding out the year with predictions, summaries, promises, and the excuse to buy one more bike.

Elements of Style, with Sir David McQuillen

Pat’s in the new studio, a bit giddy, with Sir David McQuillen of Sufferlandrian fame. David is on Skype to talk about some great new things happening with the long time friend of the podcast, The Sufferfest.

Get ready, we’ve got an exclusive!!

Running? Let’s not make a habit of this… or blame ex pros.

Pat and Mark in a studio, of sorts, talking about riding, running, and why crack isn’t powder.