Elements of Style, with Sir David McQuillen

Pat’s in the new studio, a bit giddy, with Sir David McQuillen of Sufferlandrian fame. David is on Skype to talk about some great new things happening with the long time friend of the podcast, The Sufferfest.

Get ready, we’ve got an exclusive!!

Running? Let’s not make a habit of this… or blame ex pros.

Pat and Mark in a studio, of sorts, talking about riding, running, and why crack isn’t powder.

Poppin’ in the Parking Lot… and the end of the Tour ’14

A bit of technical slacking, but the promised end of the Tour show is up, with some lessons learned, an apology, and a rant over customer service.

There Has Been Blood. Tour Rest Day #1

Apparently, keeping the rubber side down is a challenge for everyone, not just ‘average’ cyclists. Pat in, get this, his dining room on a hot day talking the Tour 14′s first week.

Tour Time, ’14!

Pat’s kicked out, and mad as hell.

Not really, but it is Tour time!

To ABM again, or not… WAIT! HE’S BAAAACK!!

Just when you thought Pat was destined to stay alone forever, MARK SHOWS!!

It’s been too long, but it was worth the wait. Get motivated.

To Sandbag or to Pose, that is the Question

Pat’s a bit ABM…

But he has a doozy of a topic… Get in, sit down, shut up, and hold on…

The Knight of Classical Junk Miles


Pat talks up the dumbest thing he has ever done, ranks the classics, and vents on junk miles.

ABM and Angry at Health Clubs

Pat in the studio, talking about his insane self induced challenges, and the messed up sociological experiment that is the modern day health club.

Tour of Sufferlandria Report, and a bit of the Mark!

Stupid technology. Due to the show recorded on 1/2 sounding like complete crap, all we have of Mark is the rant. Which although a static element here and there, kind of like an old radio show, still epic.

Oh, and Pat has an announcement.