Death of the Theme on National Beer Day

Pat and Mark in studio on National Beer Day, talking up stagnation in cycling, the classics, and mental health. Oh, and Pat finally rants on Strava cheaters.

Packfiller’s Spring Festivus! (for the rest of us)

Pat and Mark, in studio, basically trying to lose every single listener.

Ask Sir Pat 2: Tokyo Drift

Pat’s back from the Tour of Sufferlandria to answer your questions in a long, drawn out manner.

2015 Tour of Sufferlandria, Time to Finish Strong!

OK, so schedules were tough, but where better than the second half of the 2015 ToS to get great advice from a coach of the best, and designer of several of your worst nightmares. Sir Neal Henderson is here to get us through the Tour of Sufferlandria.

2015 Tour of Sufferlandria Audio Race Bible, Stage 9

That’s right, as the video name says it, IT SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME. By now, you will be praying for a quick death. No such luck.

Sir Matt Simmons will get you through.

Tour of Sufferlandria 2015, Audio Race Bible, Stage 8

Stage 8 isn’t funny. The podcast is, but the stage isn’t. I can’t find any words to make it all better.

Perhaps Dame Liz Johns can.

Tour of Sufferlandria, 2015, Audio Race Bible, Stage 7

If you’ve made it this far, I’d love to say relax. But I can’t. It is time to get tough, with Dame Stephanie Stevens and The Rookie.

Tour of Sufferlandria, Audio Race Bible, Stage 3 (I KNOW IT’S OUT OF ORDER!)

Stage three is not to be talked about (you’ll get it, I promise). Ok, maybe it is. On top of that, it is time for the inaugural episode of “Q&A With Sir Pat” only here on a very special Packfiller Podcast.

Tour of Sufferlandria, Audio Race Bible, Stage 6

Our pre race coverage continues, with Stage 6, Local Hero, and Sir Andrew Keith giving us a great tale of knighthood, and the advice to become a Local Hero.

Tour of Sufferlandria Audio Race Bible, Stage 5

The race preview continues with Stage 5, Angels, and Sir Buzz Vickery to help us get into the mindset of the mountains.