Pat’s likely midlife crisis…

ouchPackfiller. I’ve been using that name for quite a while.

At first, it was simply to indicate the name of an announcing company. It was kind of a joke, to be honest. A tongue in cheek kind of thing insulting Mark and me as average cyclists, average people, and average dorks.

Then, it became something different. It became an idea that the Packfiller is the majority of us. Let’s be honest, the percentage of the people that cross the line first is small. The truly elite, like the pros, the dopers that become pros, or the guys that drop everything else in their lives to crush the rest of us with jobs, families, and a taste for beer, are a rare few.

The rest of us, are Packfiller; the people out there just enjoying the ride, the challenges, and the amazing experiences along the way.

I’m a cyclist. I have been since I was 12. Hell, I might have been since I first experienced the freedom of riding around the block, out of the view of my parents, to explore areas and turn wherever and whenever I wanted. Cycling will always be a part of my life, whether I pin a number on or not.

Why am I saying all of this? Well, I’ve been hosting this podcast, in one form or another, since 1999. It has taken many forms, and had many friends as a part of it along the way. One thing has remained constant… me.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be some ‘ME ME ME’ kind of thing.

I’ve realized, that through the creation of the show, the social media stuff, the web site, the blog, and even the announcing company, I’ve more or less become Packfiller.

So here’s where I’ve come, as a cyclist, and as Packfiller.

I want to talk, not all the time, but sometimes, about something other than how much salt it takes to even out a triathlete’s diet, how to train for a century on five hours per week, or how many dopers are currently in the pro peloton. I want to talk about stuff that pisses me off, stuff that excites me, and stuff that, hopefully, somebody else would laugh at. I want to talk to musicians, chefs, funny people, angry people, and other personalities than just folks who are insane enough to spend $8k on a TT bike. I want to talk about the shit wind storm that hit my home town last week, and how my (hilarious) wife almost lost it while freezing to death making school lunches in a 42 degree kitchen.

So I’m going to. From the perspective of a cyclist, a dad, a rapidly-approaching-or-might-already-be-middle-aged guy, a foodie, a nerd… you get the idea.

The podcast will still talk about bikes, and the outdoor life. It just might waver every now and then onto a topic that won’t cut ten seconds off of your next 5k. There are more than enough experts out there to help you with that. Besides, if you’ve been listening to or reading my words for that, you’re screwed.

Hope you’re ok with that.

New episodes starting 12/7