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The Packfiller Podcast is a weekly cycling focused interview and comedy show. Think of it as a good ride with funny friends. Recent episodes are on our PODCAST page. A full list of our over 200 episodes can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or your source for podcasts. 


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LAUNCHED. Check back regularly for thoughts, insights, rants, reviews, and other random BS from the members of The Packfiller. 


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We might not be much to look at, but check our regular video submissions, including the ongoing BIKETOWNS series. 



The Packfiller Calendar of event announcing, live podcasts, races and group rides. 

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Packfiller Bike Towns #1 - Bend, Oregon

What makes a Bike Town? In the premier episode, Patrick Bulger, host of The Packfiller Podcast, travels to Bend, Oregon to experience the trails, roads, gravel, and culture to decide.

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